BEV ReCharge

We provide EV infrastructure  for commercial BEVs / PEVs recharging anywhere. Our  EV Recharging solution can be  designed as a universal   EV charging solution for all electric vehicles. The EV Recharging station or site  must be designed to support clients existing EV transportation charging requirements and future ultra-fast charging capabilities.

The EVT Recharging stations can be designed with an intelligent back office for operation and management. The back office can record all the charging information automatically; duration, power, current, voltage…etc. Outside the charging station, the user can obtain real-time charging information.

The EVT solutions can be design on or off the grid with a Gas station infrastructure feel. This is a seamless usage experience, Cash or Credit Cards excepted just like a local Gas station. Our EV ReCharging solutions includes customized EV Recharging display signage for your location.

he EVT platform will receive real-time data of EVs and Recharging station, and can send the data to a visual online monitor portal.  The  EV fast Recharger system can charge 1-4 electric cars at the same time.

Renewable Power Source:

Utilizing renewable energy resources for EV recharging  systems and site deployment will reduce the overall costs. Depending on the location, the opportunity for integrating renewable generation could be a significant part of the site design.

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