We  develop partnership with transportation companies implementing our end to end commercial EV transportation solutions  utilizing zero emission vehicles and EV Recharging Infrastructure. We can provide a complete cost effective electric vehicle logistic infrastructure solutions. As an Electric Transportation Logistic Solution Provider  (ETLSP), we have over 20 years in the logistic trucking industry and 19 plus years in the renewable technology industry. Transportation is a major contributor to the economy and a competitive force in business. It is the activity that physically connects the business to its supply chain partners, such as suppliers and customers, and is a major influence on the customer’s satisfaction with the company. 

The cost of transportation can sometimes determine whether a customer transaction results in a profit or a loss for the business, depending on the expense incurred in providing transportation for a customer’s order. Therefore  it only make great business practice to ship it via GOEVX electric vehicle transportation services.

GOEVX Solutions:

  • EV Shipping / Carrier business opportunities
  • Renewable  technology products distribution
  • Customized EV Recharging Systems designs
  • EV transportation carriers/driver services
  • EV commercial Logistic Infrastructure
  • Fleet EV Recharging station solution
  • Commercial EV Logistic Training 
  • EV Logistic services and sales
  • Import / Exporting Services
  • EV transportation solutions
  • Cloud based EV Telematics
  • EV Fleet Payment Cards
  • EV Financing/Leasing
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